When you are good at something it often feels very normal to you. Especially when you have put in enough hours to become really good at it. What to other people seems amazing, usually feels very ordinary to the person doing it.  I often meet people doing amazing work who wish they were doing something else. And yet the reason they are doing amazing work is because of the time they put into getting good at it, usually coupled with a natural giftedness in that field. 
If you’re good at something, and other people affirm you in that regard, keep doing it and keep getting better at it. Do more of what you are good at and challenge yourself to constantly improve.  Whether it’s baking, accounting, coaching, listening, organising, helping, or a thousand other wonderful things, embrace it, celebrate it and use it.  God has given you gifts to use – so use them.
Imagine a virtuoso violinist and a master chef, each seeing their own gifts as ordinary, while viewing what the other does as amazing. Out of a desire to feel more special, they suddenly swap careers. The world loses two geniuses and gains two frustrated also-rans. The greatest mistake you can make is to look at somebody doing something you think is amazing, and compare it to your own sense of ordinary.  Because what you feel is ordinary, someone else thinks is incredible.  
Don’t fall into the comparison trap. Celebrate your ordinary gifts and they will shine.