Sometimes people ‘come up smelling of roses.’

You know – it’s the person for whom things seem to unexpectedly turn out well; someone whose reputation is untarnished when we might have expected it to be damaged.  It often frustrates us because it seems as though the aroma of roses follows the undeserving.  Why, we ask, should the dishonest, manipulative, and selfish come up smelling of roses?


I think that in the long run, it’s just a myth. I think that the people who consistently come up smelling of roses,  are those that grow like roses and look like roses, because they are roses. Ultimately, only roses smell like roses.


In other words, it’s the people who are pruned by the gardener, whose roots are strengthened by winds of adversity, and who’ve learned to extract nourishment from the stinky manure of life, that consistently come up smelling of roses year after year. 


Of course you can get fake rose-scented spray out of a can. But it’s not the same thing. It never lasts. You’ll even get the occasional rose that blooms quickly and extravagantly, and then fades just as quickly. It’s stunning for a short season – but only for a season.  


Our world loves the instant and the fake. 

I’m tired of it. 


There’s nothing like the real deal. 

You only get to smell of roses if you’ve first smelled of manure.

You only get to blossom if you’ve first been pruned.

You only get to endure if you’ve first been tested.