Shadows have no power. They are simply an effect of light. Today parts of Europe were plunged into complete darkness because of the solar eclipse. Here in England we had about a 95% eclipse. The Moon came between the Earth and the Sun and created a huge shadow. The Sun seemed to disappear, but it hadn’t actually gone anywhere. It was just obscured for a while.

Sometimes something crosses the pathway of our lives that casts a huge shadow over us. A problem, a difficulty, a feeling, a need that seems so huge that it blocks out all the light. But the light (The Light) hasn’t gone anywhere.

Shadows tell us that somewhere the light is shining.  There is something on the other side of the shadow. Your feeling of guilt is actually proof that forgiveness is also available. Your feelings of fear are telling you that peace can be yours. Your feelings of inadequacy are a shadow, telling you that strength is available from another source.

If you change your perspective, the shadow no longer falls over you. Today all we had to do was stand still and as the Earth revolved, and the Moon moved on, the shadow no longer cast darkness over us. The Sun came out again.  Sometimes you have to side-step the lie, so that you can get your eyes back on the truth. A little movement of thought, or attitude, or action, will bring you back into the light.

Eclipses don’t last forever. That Sun isn’t going anywhere. Not today. Neither is The Light.

Matthew 4:16 “The people living in darkness have seen great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”