You can worry, fret, wonder, imagine, and try to figure out what comes next. Or you can rest in the knowledge that God knows what comes next. He’ll let you know when you need to know.

You can strive, strain, push, pull, and try to force something into being. Or you can rest in the power of the Holy Spirit. He can do what you can never do.

You can redouble your effort, try to be better, clean yourself up, and show God what a good person you are. Or you can rest in the finished work of Christ. He’s done it all. 

Insight without worry.

Faith without strain.

Righteousness without effort.

You’ll do your best work, be your most creative, help more people, love more deeply, find cool solutions, live more freely, give more generously, and walk a straighter path, when you do so from a place of true rest. 

Rest. God’s got you.