I’ve just confirmed that I will be playing at CreationFest in Cornwall on Sunday Aug 7th at 1pm. Hope to see you there!

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A Bigger Story

May 13, 2016

We are invited to live in a bigger story.

But to live in that bigger story we must become bigger people. 

The smaller story is always easier: Take the path of least resistance. Do what you’ve always done. Stick with what you know. Medicate the pain. Bury your head in the sand. Copy someone else. Live for little pleasures. Make it about you.

The bigger story is always more challenging: Attempt something uncomfortable. Try something new. Believe things can change. Address the pain. Find a solution. Create something beautiful. Live for a grander purpose. Make it about others. 

Ultimately it’s the choice to live in a bigger story that will make you a bigger person. You’ll find yourself expanding deeper, wider, higher, and further than you ever thought you could. 

What you were given in this life, is up to God. What you do with what you were given, is up to you. Locked up inside you is a treasure chest of talent, energy, gifting, and perspective that this beautiful broken world desperately needs. You only need to be brave enough to step forward and let it out.  The small story or the big story. Which will you choose?

If Only I Will

April 13, 2016

“If only I had…”

Fill in the blank for yourself.

If only I had… tried harder, said less, said something, read more books, made more friends, been bolder, prayed regularly…

The ‘if only I had’ list is long and growing in most people’s lives. Looking back has value, especially in learning from our mistakes. But if we stay stuck, always looking back will only cripple us in the future. 

A better way of living is to learn from yesterday and say “If only I will…”

When you replace ‘if only I had’ with ‘if only I will’, you become empowered to do something about tomorrow. You can learn from yesterday whilst shaking off it’s guilt and recriminations. 

If only I will… speak up, read more, take a chance, love again, ask God…

‘If only I will’ helps you to turn things around. 

‘If only I will’ unlocks a world of new options. 

‘If only I will’ opens a door called grace. 

Be forgiven. Go and sin no more. Go on, go. 


April 7, 2016

You can worry, fret, wonder, imagine, and try to figure out what comes next. Or you can rest in the knowledge that God knows what comes next. He’ll let you know when you need to know.

You can strive, strain, push, pull, and try to force something into being. Or you can rest in the power of the Holy Spirit. He can do what you can never do.

You can redouble your effort, try to be better, clean yourself up, and show God what a good person you are. Or you can rest in the finished work of Christ. He’s done it all. 

Insight without worry.

Faith without strain.

Righteousness without effort.

You’ll do your best work, be your most creative, help more people, love more deeply, find cool solutions, live more freely, give more generously, and walk a straighter path, when you do so from a place of true rest. 

Rest. God’s got you.

I wanted something.

I’m not going to tell you what it was, but I wanted it a lot. You know… deep down in my bones, really wanted it. What I wanted was a good thing. It would have been a huge blessing to me. It wasn’t frivolous or selfish, but it was big enough that I needed God to do it. I wanted it. So I started asking God for it.
With child-like faith, as a kid asks dad for something, I asked. I didn’t just give it to the Lord in prayer a couple of times. No. I prayed for this thing every day for four months. For 120 days I looked to my heavenly father and asked. At times I felt a huge amount of confidence that what I wanted would happen. God would come through. I was praying with faith. I was expecting an answer. I was thanking God in advance for what he would do. I was excited.

Then one morning during my prayer time, I felt God say “Give this desire to me.”

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