I’ve recently returned from an international trip and I’m battling jet lag. The problem is that my body is aligned to a different time zone than the one I’m living in. As you will know if you’ve travelled overseas, this creates a disharmony that can be difficult to overcome. You just don’t feel right.

Of course things will eventually square around for me, probably in a few days. Jet lag reminds me though of a different kind of mis-alignment. I’m living in a fallen world, whilst being a citizen of heaven. There’s a tension between where I live and where I’m seated, and it isn’t comfortable.

If you feel restless, unsettled, frustrated, dissatisfied, or any of a hundred other symptoms, it might just help to remember that your heart belongs elsewhere. Take courage, friend. Keep pushing through. One day, the new heavens and earth. For now, a mission to fulfil. Look up.

Philippians 3:20

Ephesians 2:6

Revelation 21:1-8