“If only I had…”

Fill in the blank for yourself.

If only I had… tried harder, said less, said something, read more books, made more friends, been bolder, prayed regularly…

The ‘if only I had’ list is long and growing in most people’s lives. Looking back has value, especially in learning from our mistakes. But if we stay stuck, always looking back will only cripple us in the future. 

A better way of living is to learn from yesterday and say “If only I will…”

When you replace ‘if only I had’ with ‘if only I will’, you become empowered to do something about tomorrow. You can learn from yesterday whilst shaking off it’s guilt and recriminations. 

If only I will… speak up, read more, take a chance, love again, ask God…

‘If only I will’ helps you to turn things around. 

‘If only I will’ unlocks a world of new options. 

‘If only I will’ opens a door called grace. 

Be forgiven. Go and sin no more. Go on, go.