So many people think that creativity is only for the inspired.

If you’re gifted enough, or lucky enough, you can write or paint or play. This is not true. Everybody is creative in some way – we are all being creative every day of our lives, because every day we are making something. We are either creating by choice or by default. 

I’ve been writing songs for a new album lately.  I have to choose to sit patiently at the piano, wrestling with words and melodies until they start to make sense. I have to choose to write, even though I might be tired or feeling uninspired. 

Maybe you’re not writing songs, but you are creating something: a home, a marriage, a career, an atmosphere. Never surrender those things to chance. Choose to create something that you want to see today. Don’t wait until you feel inspired or lucky. Don’t accept the default. Be your creative, brilliant best, and the rest will follow.