Humans are born with a gift.

The ability to create.

Today there’s nothing more than some tubes of paint, a few brushes and a blank canvas. Tomorrow there’s a picture. Today there’s nothing coming from the piano. Tomorrow there’s a song. Today there’s nothing in the spare room. Tomorrow it’s a nursery.

This ability to create happens because we are made in the image of a Creator. It’s a gift bestowed upon us. Lately I’ve been staring at the blank pages I’m turning into new songs. Today there is no new album, but in a few months from now I hope you’ll be listening to it.

So if you don’t like what you see, create something new. Create a new atmosphere in your home. Create a better thought in your head. Create a bigger vision of the future. Create a stronger marriage. Create a job for someone. Create a community of friends. Create a piece of art. Create the art of peace. You get to create something from nothing.

What you have isn’t all you have. What you see isn’t all there is.

Today nothing. Tomorrow?