I write things that help me live a life of faith. If they help you too, let me know 🙂

Staying Present

I hope you’re having a great summer.  I hope you’re soaking up whatever sun is on offer and making the most of the longer days. Most of all I hope you’re living in the present.     A few weeks ago I was sitting out in my garden one morning, drinking a cup of...

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Disappointment Is Not Your Greatest Enemy

Everyone gets disappointed sometimes, because everyone experiences circumstances that they wouldn’t choose, or hopes that go unfulfilled. Disappointment is a part of life.  But disappointment is not your greatest enemy. There is something far more serious than...

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Faith Is Letting Go

If you find yourself stressed about what God is or isn't up to, it might be that you need to re-evaluate your understanding of what faith is. Faith is not about straining with every sinew in your being to believe God for something. No. Faith is keeping your eyes on...

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Taking The Gospel Behind Bars

A few days ago I stepped into a different world.

At least that’s how it always feels to me when I head into a prison. The prison environment is ‘other – worldly’. Cold, bare walls, painted in a utilitarian magnolia. Health and safety signs reminding guards: ‘Locked it? Prove it.’ Heavy clunking steel gates. It’s not exactly home.

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Slow And Steady Is Just Fine

I used to believe that in order to make a real impact on the world, things needed to move quickly, and growth needed to be explosive. I remember early on in my music ministry, people would say things like “One day you’ll get a ‘breakthrough’ and then things will really ‘take off’…” And for a long time I bought into this idea. Success was just around the corner. Just a little more blessing from God and suddenly everything would ‘happen’.

I don’t think this way any more. For most people, any kind of success that we achieve in life, (or ministry, or business) comes about by slow, steady, patient work.

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Your Work Is Not In Vain


That’s a good word. Because that how serving The Lord often feels. It feels like work.

And that’s not a bad thing – as long as you understand that Christian service isn’t always going to be full of mountain top experiences, complete with goose-bumps and feelings of euphoria.

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Smelling Of Roses?

Sometimes people ‘come up smelling of roses.’

You know – it’s the person for whom things seem to unexpectedly turn out well; someone whose reputation is untarnished when we might have expected it to be damaged. It often frustrates us because it seems as though the aroma of roses follows the undeserving. Why, we ask, should the dishonest, manipulative, and selfish come up smelling of roses?

I think that in the long run, it’s just a myth.

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If It’s Not Love, It’s Not Jesus

I’ve been around the church my whole life.

My dad is a Minister, and so I grew up going to church on Sunday and youth on Wednesday nights. You could say that church is kind of ‘in my blood’.

I love the church. I know that Jesus does. He gave Himself for her. Over the years I’ve seen so many lives wonderfully changed, because when the church is at it’s best there’s nothing like it.

And yet, I’ve also seen wonderful people really hurt in the church. Abused, manipulated, controlled, and used. I’ve seen amazing people in various places burned out by the church.

It really bugs me.

It makes me angry.

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