Guard Your Mouth

Think before you speak. The knock on effect of speaking too quickly, or speaking to the wrong person can be huge.  

Pause and consider. Does this person need to know this? Right now?  Is this the right thing to share? Is it the right time to share it? 

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When It Doesn’t Feel Special

 When you are good at something it often feels very normal to you. Especially when you have put in enough hours to become really good at it. What to other people seems amazing, usually feels very ordinary to the person doing it.  I often meet people doing amazing work...

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It’s Just The Fear Talking

People are afraid - but what comes out of their mouths often doesn't sound like fear; It sounds more like anger, or frustration, or bitterness, or bravado. But no matter the content of the words, the force behind those words is often fear.Whether people are...

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I Was About To Jump In

I was about to jump in with both feet when someone stepped in and gave me some extra information that changed everything. I was about to speak out of frustration when someone encouraged me to take a gentler tone. I was about to make a decision when someone spoke up...

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Overflowing With Hope

If you listen to the coffee-shop conversations, the political debates, the social-media arguments, and the news headlines, you can hear a kind of hopelessness in our world. People have lost their confidence in tomorrow. They have lost the sense that our world could...

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A Bigger Story

We are invited to live in a bigger story. But to live in that bigger story we must become bigger people.  The smaller story is always easier: Take the path of least resistance. Do what you've always done. Stick with what you know. Medicate the pain. Bury your head in...

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If Only I Will

"If only I had..." Fill in the blank for yourself. If only I had... tried harder, said less, said something, read more books, made more friends, been bolder, prayed regularly... The 'if only I had' list is long and growing in most people's lives. Looking back has...

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You can worry, fret, wonder, imagine, and try to figure out what comes next. Or you can rest in the knowledge that God knows what comes next. He’ll let you know when you need to know. You can strive, strain, push, pull, and try to force something into being. Or you...

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When You Don’t Get What You Want

I wanted something.

I’m not going to tell you what it was, but I wanted it a lot. You know… deep down in my bones, really wanted it. What I wanted was a good thing. It would have been a huge blessing to me. It wasn’t frivolous or selfish, but it was big enough that I needed God to do it. I wanted it. So I started asking God for it.
With child-like faith, as a kid asks dad for something, I asked. I didn’t just give it to the Lord in prayer a couple of times. No. I prayed for this thing every day for four months. For 120 days I looked to my heavenly father and asked. At times I felt a huge amount of confidence that what I wanted would happen. God would come through. I was praying with faith. I was expecting an answer. I was thanking God in advance for what he would do. I was excited.

Then one morning during my prayer time, I felt God say “Give this desire to me.”

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Album Launch Highlights

I was thrilled to be joined by my dear friend, and co-producer, Dan Wheeler, to celebrate the launch of my new album recently. Here are a few highlights from the concert at my home church......

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