Steve Parsons is a pastor, writer, musician, and speaker.

As a musician, he has toured extensively throughout the UK, as well as in the USA, Australia, Ireland, France, Spain, Malta, Norway, Malaysia, Vietnam and Africa, sharing his songs in venues ranging from small coffee houses to the vast London Arena. He has played at some of the UK’s most respected Christian festivals, including New Wine and Spring Harvest, and in churches across the denominational spectrum. Equipped with a soulfully expressive voice, a guitar, and a piano, Parsons writes songs that bridge the gap between society and the Church. Always rooted in his own journey of faith, he encourages others to look at the world with new eyes, and consider the impact of the gospel in their own life. A keen observer of life, he’s known for blending his songs, stories and a refreshing honesty into a compelling form of communication.

A career spanning two decades has seen him steadily and quietly forge his own path, putting in thousands of road and air miles each year, visiting churches and communities sometimes far from the beaten track. Those yearly tours have seen him play his songs and share his heart in crowded coffee shops, high security prisons, old theaters, and beautiful churches, to thousands of listeners. 

Since taking the step into the world of full-time music ministry in 1993, he’s released 9 solo albums, as well as being featured on various compilation albums. 



A down-to-earth and engaging communicator, Steve also regularly speaks at churches, conferences and events. His messages are firmly rooted in his life as pastor of a busy local church, with a focus on helping people move forward in their relationship with God, in order to live out that relationship in their daily lives. His gift for story-telling and love for expounding the scriptures, are coupled with a passion for sharing the gospel with those outside the church. 

Steve lives in Cheshire with his wife, Danae, and his two children, Chloe and Benjamin. He serves as pastor of Tytherington Family Worship Church.


What Others Say

“For my money Steve is one of the best songsmiths in the UK, a man who writes with head intelligence yet never fudges the spiritual insights behind layers of oblique metaphor.” – Tony Cummings, Cross Rhythms

“A powerful communicator” – Fuel

“buckets of well worked lyrics, passion in the voice…Steve is not only a brilliant singer, he’s an extremely talented lyricist.” – Dave Wood, Louder Than The Music

“Parsons’ rich voice is his main asset and, along with his writing, songs such as the paraphrased parable “Prodigal” and the biographical “Dirt” sees the man’s skills gel to produce mature pieces of work.” Lins Honeyman, Cross Rhythms

“Creative artistry and intelligent songs come from this man who loves Jesus and loves the Church: This is why we’ve had Steve Parsons minister on multiple occasions and look forward to having him back in the future.” Brian Zahnd, Sr Pastor, Word of Life Church, St Joseph. USA