Cornwall native Steve Parsons is a husband, father, pastor, and songwriter. First picking up a guitar and scribbling lyrics on paper as a teenager, Parsons is now 9 albums and 25 years into a music career marked by crafted songs, human connection, and an on-going friendship with listeners of his music. 

With an expressive baritone voice, a guitar, and a piano, his songs are firmly rooted in his own journey of faith, encouraging his listeners to look at the world with new eyes, and consider the impact of the gospel in their own lives. With a refreshing honesty and down-to-earth sense of humour, he’s known for blending songs, stories, and teaching into a compelling form of communication.

An ongoing commitment to spreading good news has seen him steadily and quietly forge his own path, putting in thousands of road and air miles each year, visiting churches and communities sometimes far from the beaten track. Those tours have seen him connect with listeners throughout the UK, as well as in the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

He has performed or spoken at numerous events including Spring Harvest, New Wine, and Creationfest, and at venues ranging from local theatres to the vast London Arena.

In addition to music, writing, and speaking, Steve serves as the lead pastor of TFW Church in Macclesfield, Cheshire, rooting his creativity in the day-to-day work of leading an active local congregation.





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“As a person and performer, Steve brings something authentically unique. You will not be disappointed.”

Dr John Andrews

Author & Teacher

“Steve is not only talented, but he has a disarming believability that makes hearing the Lord simple, and responding to the Lord very inviting.”

John Brown

Pastor, Harmony Vineyard, USA

“Steve is a powerful communicator with a down-to-earth approach that makes it so easy for everyone to relate to him” 

Dawn Hocking

Fuel, Clitheroe, UK