We are invited to live in a bigger story.

But to live in that bigger story we must become bigger people. 

The smaller story is always easier: Take the path of least resistance. Do what you’ve always done. Stick with what you know. Medicate the pain. Bury your head in the sand. Copy someone else. Live for little pleasures. Make it about you.

The bigger story is always more challenging: Attempt something uncomfortable. Try something new. Believe things can change. Address the pain. Find a solution. Create something beautiful. Live for a grander purpose. Make it about others. 

Ultimately it’s the choice to live in a bigger story that will make you a bigger person. You’ll find yourself expanding deeper, wider, higher, and further than you ever thought you could. 

What you were given in this life, is up to God. What you do with what you were given, is up to you. Locked up inside you is a treasure chest of talent, energy, gifting, and perspective that this beautiful broken world desperately needs. You only need to be brave enough to step forward and let it out.  The small story or the big story. Which will you choose?