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A lot of people spend their lives waiting for something to happen. Waiting for their numbers to come up, waiting for their ship to come in, waiting for an opportunity to arise. There’s nothing wrong with waiting per se. In fact, many people in the scriptures went through seasons of waiting. Waiting can be good, even necessary at times.

However, not all waiting is good…

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Seek first God’s Kingdom, and his right way of living, and everything else will be taken care of. (Matt 6:33) 

Still true for me after all these years.

Most of us find that praying can be difficult at times.

We know it’s important, but finding a way to make prayer a regular part of our lives can be challenging. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of strategies to keep my prayer life on track, with varying levels of success. But no matter whether I’m in a season where prayer is easy, or a season where it’s difficult, I’ve found that these five keys help me to stay on track.

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A Better Version Of You

January 11, 2015

Every so often, software companies issue an upgrade. The old software for our computer or mobile phone needs updating. And so they release a new version. “Ah Mr Parsons, you are on version 5.7 – you need to upgrade to version 6.0.”

The new version is, theoretically at least, better, because it fixes something that is broken, or improves the way something works. There is a never ending desire to keep improving, keep making things better. A continues desire for improvement is no bad thing. Even with the inevitable set-backs that happen, improvement is something that all top companies, all top athletes, all top artists strive for. Why should followers of Christ, commissioned to take the gospel to the world, not continually seek to improve as well?

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It’s a New Year! And what better time than at the start of a new year to just pause and think about your next steps. Be honest – how have things really been for you lately? Was 2014 the kind of year that you hoped it would be? What will be different in 2015?

I believe that planning your year is really important. People who plan well, live well. If you desire, you can go to great lengths reviewing the past year and planning the year ahead. There are many books and online courses available and some of these can be really very helpful. I personally like the content that Michael Hyatt gives away on his blog (there’s a link at the end of my blog post). He even offers a full-on purchasable course; but his free content is great. However, if you don’t have a lot of time available, let me recommend 4 simple steps that can help you move forward in 2015 – Take stock. Take care. Take courage. Take action. (Continue reading below…)

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