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Staying Present

August 21, 2014

I hope you’re having a great summer. 

I hope you’re soaking up whatever sun is on offer and making the most of the longer days. Most of all I hope you’re living in the present.


summer birds_edited-1


A few weeks ago I was sitting out in my garden one morning, drinking a cup of coffee, already bathed in sunlight at 6:30am.   It ought to have been a glorious moment of peace, reflection and prayer before the busyness of the day. But it wasn’t. I was already ahead of myself, planning, scheming and worrying about what I had to get done. I wasn’t present to the moment at all.

Fortunately, I caught myself. I broke into a smile at the absurdity.

You see, in the depths of winter, when it’s cold and dark and raining, I dream about these summer mornings. I long to sit out in the early sunshine, praying and enjoying my coffee. I can’t wait for the garden to come bursting into life. And now here I was, failing to live in the moment, the future robbing me of the present. 

 It’s an easy mistake to make. Worry about tomorrow and miss today. So I’ve been trying to slow down and breathe it all in over the past few weeks. Even with a busy ministry schedule I’ve been finding time to stay present. And it’s working. My soul feels healthier.

I hope you find it to be true in your life.