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Everyone gets disappointed sometimes, because everyone experiences circumstances that they wouldn’t choose, or hopes that go unfulfilled. Disappointment is a part of life.  But disappointment is not your greatest enemy. There is something far more serious than disappointment, and that’s discouragement.

Discouragement might start out as disappointment, but if it takes root in your soul, discouragement will rob you of the ability to see clearly. And if you lose your vision, you start to lose everything.  Discouragement is literally the removal of courage.  You can shrug, smile and still move forward when you’re disappointed. It’s hard to raise a smile or move at all when you’re discouraged.

If you feel discouraged, you need to find some encouragement, quick. You need courage to rise again within. Find a friend, a song, a book, a church, (maybe all of the above) and let some encouragement in.  Let God put His courage back in your heart.  You will find strength rising within, when courage enters your soul.


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How have you dealt with discouragement in your life?  What has worked for you?



Singing In The Woods

July 3, 2014

All Creatures Of Our God And King – Steve Parsons from Steve Parsons on Vimeo.