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Faith Is Letting Go

June 27, 2014

imageIf you find yourself stressed about what God is or isn’t up to, it might be that you need to re-evaluate your understanding of what faith is. Faith is not about straining with every sinew in your being to believe God for something. No. Faith is keeping your eyes on Jesus, trusting him, letting peace reign in your heart. Delight yourself in Jesus. Worship him. Trust him. He’ll show you the way forward. Faith is seeing your problems in the light of God’s limitless grace and power. Don’t worry. He’s got you.  (I took this picture on a beach in Cornwall)

Steve Parsons news June 2014 from Steve Parsons on Vimeo.

Hi Friends,

I’m always genuinely humbled and thankful when people book me to come to their church, community, or event. I don’t take it for granted. I would love to come to where you are over the coming months. Here are 3 opportunities that we are making available to people. Feel free to get in touch, or to share this information with your pastor/event organiser.

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