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You’re hurting.

You’ve got your own challenges.

Life isn’t being any kinder to you than it is to anyone else.

The danger is that when we are hurting, or tired, or disappointed, we withdraw into our pain and block everything else out. I’ve learned through my own battle with illness, that this is precisely the wrong thing to do.

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Making Your Mind Up

June 24, 2013

Faith looks a lot like making your mind up.
Whenever you find yourself trying to trust God, trying to believe Him, trying to rely on Him, then you’re not actually doing any of the above.

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Smelling Of Roses?

June 20, 2013

Sometimes people ‘come up smelling of roses.’

You know – it’s the person for whom things seem to unexpectedly turn out well; someone whose reputation is untarnished when we might have expected it to be damaged. It often frustrates us because it seems as though the aroma of roses follows the undeserving. Why, we ask, should the dishonest, manipulative, and selfish come up smelling of roses?

I think that in the long run, it’s just a myth.

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Website Redevelopment

June 12, 2013

You might have noticed that things have been changing here on lately. That’s because my good friend Darryl Bain has been helping me move my entire platform over to Wordpress. If that means nothing to you, don’t worry about it ! However, it means that some things are being reshuffled and a bunch of old blog posts are currently missing. I’ll be adding these posts over time, in addition to regular new content.

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I’ve been around the church my whole life.

My dad is a Minister, and so I grew up going to church on Sunday and youth on Wednesday nights. You could say that church is kind of ‘in my blood’.

I love the church. I know that Jesus does. He gave Himself for her. Over the years I’ve seen so many lives wonderfully changed, because when the church is at it’s best there’s nothing like it.

And yet, I’ve also seen wonderful people really hurt in the church. Abused, manipulated, controlled, and used. I’ve seen amazing people in various places burned out by the church.

It really bugs me.

It makes me angry.

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