Album Launch Highlights

November 5, 2015

I was thrilled to be joined by my dear friend, and co-producer, Dan Wheeler, to celebrate the launch of my new album recently. Here are a few highlights from the concert at my home church…


New Album Releases Oct 19th

October 9, 2015

I’m excited to announce that my new album, What We Will Be, will officially release on October 19th. We’ve enjoyed working on this record and I’m hoping that the new songs will bring dollop-loads of encouragement to your heart.

Steve Parsons, What We Will Be.

Steve Parsons, What We Will Be.

Live Today Well

August 10, 2015

When you think about life, you’ll be tempted to divide it into big important days, and small ordinary days. The big important days will appear few and far between, while the small ordinary days seem as common as muck.  The trouble with living this way is that you can so easily miss the potential of the day you are living in. Living a bigger life requires that we embrace the potential of every day. God is at work on normal, ordinary days, just like this day.  We only need to have the eyes to see it and the faith to embrace it.

Fear Is A Thief

July 11, 2015

Always remember that fear is a thief. Fear wants to rob us of the abundant life that Jesus said he came to bring us (John 10:10).  

How many great relationships, great adventures, great experiences, great connections and great ministries have failed to happen because of fear? Fear of of failure, fear of rejection, fear of looking foolish, fear of losing our security (or the illusion of security) – all these have stopped us from reaching forward into the life Jesus is calling us to. 

Fear is a thief, but thieves don’t have rights. Fear has no ‘right’ in your life. You can take a stand against fear – reject it, bind it, defy it.  Stand firm and stand bold. Step forward today and God will meet you there.

Creativity Is A Choice

May 11, 2015


So many people think that creativity is only for the inspired.

If you’re gifted enough, or lucky enough, you can write or paint or play. This is not true. Everybody is creative in some way – we are all being creative every day of our lives, because every day we are making something. We are either creating by choice or by default. 

I’ve been writing songs for a new album lately.  I have to choose to sit patiently at the piano, wrestling with words and melodies until they start to make sense. I have to choose to write, even though I might be tired or feeling uninspired. 

Maybe you’re not writing songs, but you are creating something: a home, a marriage, a career, an atmosphere. Never surrender those things to chance. Choose to create something that you want to see today. Don’t wait until you feel inspired or lucky. Don’t accept the default. Be your creative, brilliant best, and the rest will follow.


March 20, 2015

Shadows have no power. They are simply an effect of light. Today parts of Europe were plunged into complete darkness because of the solar eclipse. Here in England we had about a 95% eclipse. The Moon came between the Earth and the Sun and created a huge shadow. The Sun seemed to disappear, but it hadn’t actually gone anywhere. It was just obscured for a while.

Sometimes something crosses the pathway of our lives that casts a huge shadow over us. A problem, a difficulty, a feeling, a need that seems so huge that it blocks out all the light. But the light (The Light) hasn’t gone anywhere.

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